Opening Hours

We are currently working with an appointments only system

If you would like to make an appointment, or discuss your animal with a vet please phone

01569 764140 (Stonehaven)


01356 622167 (Brechin)




Kirkton (Stonehaven) 01569 764140

Consulting hours by open surgery:

Mon-Fri:  9-10am,  1-2pm,  6-7pm

Sat:  9-10am,  1-2pm

(Office hours:)

Mon-Sat:  9am-5pm

Crofts (Brechin) 01356 622167

Consulting hours by appointment only:

Mon-Fri:  9-10am,  2-3pm,  5-6pm

Sat: 9-10am

(Office hours:)

Mon-Fri:  9am-6:30pm

Sat:  9am-12pm

24 hour emergency service for each practice


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