Small Animal



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We have 3 open consulting periods through the day in Stonehaven. We can also offer appointments outwith these times. Please phone reception to arrange a date and time. Consults in Brechin are by appointment.

The practice has been extended and refurbished in 2012. This has provided us with a better work environment and a much more spacious kennels and cattery area for your pet’s stay.

The practice provides

  • in-house blood sampling machines
  • small animal ultrasound
  • digital x-ray
  • ultrasonic dental equipment
  • excellent surgical lighting and operating theatre

Please contact the practice if you would like any additional information or to arrange a tour of the premises.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you need to order more medication for your animal, please phone reception at least 24hours before you need it, we do not stock all medications at all times.

If your animal is on long term medication, we advise a consultation with one of our vets every 6 months. This helps us keep in touch with you and make sure your animal is doing as well as it can be. Please contact reception if you would like to arrange an appointment, or come to one of our open surgeries.

Pet Passports and Travel

We are able to provide pet passports and also pet export certificates if you are thinking of travelling with your pet. Please phone reception to book an appointment with one of our OV vets, as these consultations can take longer than a routine visit.

If you are travelling with your pet please allow plenty of time to arrange any paperwork, this can vary depending on the country you are travelling to.

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