Pre- operation tips

Pre-operation guidelines

If your pet is coming to be with us for the day to have an operation, please remember some top tips;

  • make sure they have nothing to eat from around 9pm the previous evening. No food overnight or on the morning of the operation. Water is fine to have throughout.

This DOES NOT apply to rabbits or guinea pigs. They are allowed to have their normal food at all times. If your small furry is coming in for an operation or procedure, please bring some of its usual food with them.

  • Please try to make sure your animal has been to the toilet before they arrive with us, but ideally not anywhere too muddy! This helps us to keep them as clean as possible throughout the day. Any dogs staying all day get taken out regularly for toilet breaks.
  • Aim to arrive with us between 8am and 9am.
  • Please tell us if your pet has had any medication in the previous 24hours at home. This lets us give them the correct medication while they are here with us.

No animal likes coming to the vets, but we have spacious kennel and separate cattery areas, where animals tend to settle really well. We do our best to make their stay as calm and stress free as possible.

If you have any worries or questions about your animals stay please contact reception and we can chat to you further.


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