Buying a new puppy

Buying a new puppy

Buying a new puppy, some guidelines to consider:

– Always try to see the puppy’s mother at the breeders home; is she friendly, how is she kept?

– All puppies should be microchipped before 8 weeks of age.
– Aim not to pay in cash, and always get a receipt. Online banking is ideal as it allows you to have details of the breeder.

– Try not to buy from facebook or gumtree; often these animals are not from reputable breeders, and may have previous health problems that might not be disclosed.

– Make sure you have fully researched your choice of breed. Many breeds can be prone to certain health conditions, and have special requirements

– A dog is for life. Many dogs live for 10 years + . If you are unsure if you can com
mit to the responsibility and financial cost of a dog for this amount of time then reconsider your choice.

– If the puppy has had their 1st vaccine with the breeder then it may be worth checking whether it is the same brand as your local vet.

– Try to have any paperwork from the breeder regarding any treatments your puppy may have had. eg vaccine card, record of worming dates, microchip information.

– It is not suitable to leave dogs alone in the house for longer than 5-6 hours at a time. If this is not compatible with your lifestyle then a dog may not be for you.

– If there are about to be big changes in the home, eg a house move or a new baby; then exercise caution in getting a puppy at the same time.

– Dogs of all sizes require regular exercise whatever the weather, every day.

– Dogs can be expensive. If they require an expensive veterinary treatment or have a lifelong health condition, are you able to meet the cost?

If you have any questions about buying a new dog then always feel free to speak to your vet or vet nurse

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